The Scottish Budgerigar Society 


Best in Show 2017

A  superb Light Green cock that has also been a consistent winner around the show circuit.

Top accolade must be winning the

B.S. club show later in 2017.

Ady Lovack

Best in Show 2015

This outstanding Grey cock was indeed a very worthy winner and comes from the well known and very successful partnership from Ayr, of Roy Wilson and Alistair McPhail.

This award was one of several that this Champion bird won.  


Best in Show 2014

Paul Redford's Light Green cock was a truly fantastic bird and sadly this particular photo does not do the bird justice. However it does give you a flavour of the quality that the bird had

Once again it was a multiple Show winner and I am certain that it also did well for Paul when used within his breeding team.

Best in Show 2013

This is a marvelous Golden Face cock that hails form the Father and son  partnership of Richard and Michael Miller.

It won many top awards but none better than the Show of Shows, the B.S. World Show at Doncaster.

Best in Show 2010

This Yellow Face hen comes from the partnership of Tom Luke and his son Andrew who are from Preston.

A good looking and powerful bird with broad shoulders that show the top end rather well. 

Best in Show 2009

A really powerful bodied and long Sky Blue cock bird that belongs to Donald Burnett.

It had an amazing style and was again a bird that won several top awards.


Best in Show 2006

Once again a winner from Richard and Michael Miller. I remember this bird well and it really was very special bird of the day. Remmber this was nearly elevem years ago and a real show man.

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